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FYI Radio Podcast - 'My Icons' 2009

Our good friends over at FYI Radio have created this fab podcast of the 'My Icons' showcase event that took place on Friday 2nd October 2009 at The National Portrait Gallery - Why not give it a listen?!


PACE Youth Network | 'My Icons' at The National Portrait Gallery

A special celebratory event (for participants and invited guests only) at the National Portrait Gallery showcasing the work and creative genius that is PACE Youth Network | London will be taking place on Friday 2nd October 2009 at 7.00pm.



Families Wanted! £100 Reward!

New teaching resources on Families and Relationships

Espresso Education is working to develop ICT resources on Families and Relationships which can be used within all primary schools, to help teach children about the diverse range of families within our communities.

We want to show video clips of a variety of families in different circumstances introducing themselves and their family members, talking abut the best bits and the worst bits (all at a primary level of understanding). We're looking for single parents, large families, same sex families, families with adopted/fostered children - a whole range.

Any family who is interested should get in touch with Espresso ( see below) as soon as possible, with a name and telephone number.

It will be a great experience for them to take part in the production of such a worthwhile resource.
Anyone interested should ring Jean Rowton on 07787525640 or email  or Michela Marchina on 0208 237 1207 or email

Volunteering at this first stage does not commit anyone to take part.
Families which are chosen for the filming will receive a fee of £100.


Gay Icon - Sir Ian Mckellen Makes Surprise Visit!

sir ian web
On Friday 18th Sept. 2009 - as part of our 'My Icons' project (in association with the National Portrait Gallery) - OutZone and Girl Diva members were treated to a surprise (and exclusive!) visit from real-life 'Gay Icon' Sir Ian Mckellen.

(As one of the contributors to the Gay Icons Exhibition, on at the NPG until 18/10/09), Sir Ian stopped by for a surprise visit to say hello and wish us all the very best with our very own creative endeavours. A (closed) celebratory event is planned for Friday 2nd October, when the very best 'Iconic Images' created by young people from PACE Youth Network | London will be officially unveiled. Further details to be announced shortly.

The Boy Who Was Born a Girl | Channel 4 | Friday 4th September 2009 | 8.00pm

Two service users from PACE Youth Network/PACE Children & Families Service are to appear in a Channel 4 documentary this week about gender identity.

They have decided to take part in this documentary to raise awareness about this issue. They have also consented to this being advertised on our website.

The programme, called 'The Boy Who Was Born a Girl' will be shown on Channel 4 on Friday 4th September 2009, at 8pm.

Click here for more information.

Please note: This is a unique case - all PACE Family Services are treated confidentially.

To find out more about the PACE Children and Families Services, visit the PACE website here:


Mystery Shopping Project

Brook London has been providing sexual health services for young people for over 40 years. We are looking to ensure that our services are meeting the needs of LGBTQ young people and make improvements based on the suggestions of young people. If you are under 25, identify as LGBTQ and want to help improve Brook London's sexual health services, this project is for you.

The mystery shopping project will consist of:
  • Two two -hour training sessions focusing on the purpose of mystery shopping, developing scenarios and the ethical and safety issues involved.
  • A visit in pairs to one of our clinics, based in Brixton, Southwark and Euston.
  • Completing an online survey about your visit to the clinic to assess the service
  • Follow up visit from Brook outreach staff to develop recommendations for improvements to the service
  • Optional training on report writing if you would like to be involved in writing the report (this could also lead to us potentially providing ASDAN accreditation)

Throughout the project, we can offer:
  • Payment of travel expenses and food at the training sessions
  • Support and communication directly wtih you after the mystery shopping 
  • An opportunity to work with other LGBTQ young people across London 
  • Group activity of your choice to celebrate the end of the project (i.e. trip to the theatre and dinner out) 

We are looking to complete this project by December 2009, with training taking place in central London in September/October 2009. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

Contact details for Project Coordinator: Lindsay Starbuck | Young People's Participation Coordinator
Brook London | 374 Brixton Road London SW9 7AW
020 7733 9207 | 07596100031 email:

PACE - National Suicide Prevention LGBT Project Update

pace logo 2009-web

PACE launched its national review of mental health support for LGBT people on August 17th 2009. Commissioned by the National Mental Health Development Unit at the Department of Health - the research will examine what is currently being done to promote better mental health for LGBT people in England.

How you can help:

PACE wants to hear from LGBT people - from all over the country - who have personal experience of struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings and are willing to share their views about what has helped them and/or what could be done to help further.

Please help us, to help others by sharing your experiences, views or opinions about support for suicidal thoughts and feelings

Anyone who is willing to share their experiences of support services can complete the form in a few minutes by clicking on the following link:

Click here to complete the User Suicide Prevention Survey (Link opens in a new window)

Anyone interested in finding out more about the project or find out ways in which you can support the project should contact Tim Franks: Email: or Phone: 020 7700 1323

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings and need someone to talk to right now - you can email: (anytime) or call: 08457 90 90 90 (24hs a day). Samaritans website:

PACE – National LGBT Suicide Prevention Research Project  - Volunteers Needed

pace logo 2009-web
PACE has been commissioned by the Department of Health to carry out national research into suicide prevention for LGBT people.

We are trying to discover:
  • How well mainstream mental health services target suicide prevention work for LGBT people.
  • What services are available for LGBT people - both online and in the community.
  • What has helped LGBT people when they have been feeling suicidal.
 'We hope to change the way that support is offered to LGBT people in distress'

We need a team of voluntary researchers to give some time over the next two months (August & September) to:
  • Contact agencies and send out questionnaires
  • Do web based searches and record results
  • Enter data from questionnaires
Training will be given and all out of pocket expenses will be re-paid.  For more information or to volunteer contact Tim Franks by:  Email: or Phone: 020 7700 1323


Pride London 2009 - OutZone Stylee

The OutZone PRIDE SLIDE 2009 (Part 1 - The Magnificent Mix)

The OutZone PRIDE SLIDE 2009 (Part 2 - The ‘Where’s Boris’ Mix)


PACE Youth Survey 2008/09 - Initial findings

During the last 18 months or so, PACE have been busy conducting a ‘needs assessment’ of all young people who have accessed services provided by the PACE Youth Network. The comprehensive ‘PACE Youth Survey’ asks specific questions about how our young users feel about their lives in relation to:
  • emotional health and well-being
  • family and support networks
  • experiences of bullying and discrimination
  • exercise, diet, nutrition
  • drug and alcohol use
  • sexual health and risk of HIV infection
Young people complete an initial youth survey needs assessment form when they first access our youth groups or other support services, and youth workers conduct follow up (or tracking) surveys at regular intervals, while they continue to stay engaged with us. To date, 141 needs assessments have been completed by PACE. Initial results reveal some worrying statistics about how lgbt young people feel at the point of accessing our services, for example:
  • 28% have attempted suicide by the time they reach us
  • 17% regularly think about harming themselves at point of contact
  • 19% are deliberately hurting themselves
In total 34% have attempted suicide, harmed themselves or thought about harming themselves in the 6 months prior to accessing support
  • 27% feel isolated often or most of the time
  • 20% never or only occasionally feel good about themselves
  • 17% never or only occasionally feel confident with other people
  • 30% feel worried/anxious often or most of the time
40% experienced negative reactions when they told someone about their sexuality - a significant number have told no one at all
  • 25% felt they would be in danger from someone they knew for being LGBT (commonly a family member)
  • 21% are being actively bullied at point of contact
  • 16% have used class A drugs
In all, 71% of young people who accessed PACE Youth services reported one or more of these indicators of need

We hope to publish further findings from the PACE Youth Survey, on our website sometime during 2009.


OutZone fundraising mission to save essential services for all

News Release 20/05/09

Gay and bisexual young men from the OutZone Youth Project (part of PACE – London’s leading provider of health & well-being services for the LGBT communities) are on a mission to raise money to help ensure vital aspects of the service continue to be offered to all who need them. Every year, hundreds of young men make use of its weekly youth groups, telephone/online support and specialist one2one service, regardless of whereabouts in London they come from. OutZone has worked with well over 100 different young men in 2008/09, from all over the capital, and beyond.

Like many charities, OutZone is feeling the effects of ‘credit crunch’, and as a result, may have to consider ‘rationing its services’ based on which London borough a young person comes from. Over the last few weeks and months, youth workers, peer mentors and group members have been putting their heads together to come up with a fund raising strategy to help the project generate additional funding. OutZone members have already set up their very own EBay For Charity store, added a secure online donations service to their website ( and are planning to hold other community-based fundraising initiatives over the coming months.

“When I talk about my work to friends, the vast majority wish they’d had access to a project like OutZone when they were younger or just coming out”

PACE Senior Youth Worker, Andy Higgins, said: “Wouldn’t it be great if London’s ‘adult’ gay community came together to show it values the work we do with London’s gay teens? When I talk about my work to my friends, the vast majority wish they’d had access to a project like OutZone when they were younger or just coming out. The confidence and social skills gay teenagers learn at OutZone, from being around others ‘just like them’, is essential if we want the next generation to reach their potential - and feel happy, healthy and valued members of society.

“I remember how unhappy I felt about so many aspects of my life before I found OutZone - and thought I’d always feel like that”

OutZone Peer Mentor, Jason Ramdoo (18), said: “I’m glad to get involved in helping to come up with ideas to generate funds for the project - I’ve had first-hand experience of just what an amazing project OutZone is. I remember how unhappy I felt about so many aspects of my life before I found out about the project - and thought I’d always feel like that. I can’t thank OutZone enough for all the support and help I’ve been given. The youth workers really do help us feel better about ourselves and always keep us smiling! It’s reassuring to know there is someone out there who actually cares about how we feel. I’ve also made some very good friends at OutZone, some of the closest friends I’ve ever had.

“28% have attempted suicide by the time they reach us, 27% feel isolated most of the time and 19% are deliberately hurting themselves”

PACE CEO, Tim Franks commented: “Our specialist youth workers at OutZone engage with some of the most vulnerable young men in London - Over the last year or so, we’ve been conducting a comprehensive needs assessment of all young people who access the PACE Youth Network. The initial results reveal some worrying findings: Of the 141 assessments completed to date, 28% have attempted suicide by the time they reach us, 27% feel isolated often or most of the time and 19% are deliberately hurting themselves. We hope to publish a full report shortly.

There are various ways the capital’s ‘pink public’ can support London’s gay teens:

  • Online: Visit and click on the DONATE NOW banner on the home page. A safe and secure way to make a donation towards our work, by debit or credit card, no matter how large or small. Every £1 donated in this way means we receive £1.28 (with gift aid).
  • On eBay/Facebook: Visit our online shop and bag yourself a bargain: or find us on Facebook for ‘mates rates’.
  • By cheque/PO: Cheques/postal orders can be sent to: OutZone, 34 Hartham Road, London, N7 9JL
  • In kind: Donate stuff for us to sell – Contact us if you’d like to donate items for our online shop.
Registered charity No. 801271

The 'OutZone Kitty Fundraising Committee' is a user-led initiative to help secure additional funding for the OutZone Youth Project. OutZone is part of PACE. © PACE 2009

OutZone is proudly supported by:

Support the OutZone Kitty

Introducing the OutZone Kitty - Our new user-led fundraising committee

mini_kitty2009 cc_donatenow_ban
visa1 delta1 mastercard1 images-2 eurocard1 jcb1 solo1giftaid

Like many organisations, and in particular, voluntary sector youth projects, Outzone is feeling the effects of credit crunch. OutZone is one of London’s oldest and best known youth projects for gay and bisexual young men.

Since 1997, hundreds of young men have made use of our weekly youth group, telephone and online support and our specialist one2one service, regardless of whereabouts in London they come from. Despite our best and continued efforts, securing funding to work on a pan-London basis has been virtually impossible.

It’s vital we continue to support young men from all over London.

At a time when demand for our services have never been greater, we’re finding it more and more difficult to fund some important aspects of our work for young men who reside outside of our primary funding boroughs. Please help ensure our work continues for ALL young gay men in London.


How much does our work cost?
  • The cost of one weekly youth group session (for an average of 18 young men from our base in Islington) is in the region of: £150 (inc. staffing, resources, refreshments and a contribution towards venue and organisational on-costs). This works out to just over £8.30 per young person, per youth group session attended.
  • The cost of providing each one2one support and information session is around £30 (inc. staffing, follow up and organisational on-costs).
  • Our contribution towards a typical ‘evening out’ for youth group members (i.e. bowling) costs us between £50 and £100, depending on the number of young men who attend (excluding staffing costs).
  • The cost of running one of our weekends away for up to 15 young men (and two youth workers) is in the region of £2500, which equates to £125.00 per person.

Kitty says: 'Short-term, postcode lottery funding for youth work with young gay men in London is so GAY!'

OutZone members are on a fund raising mission to ensure some vital aspects of the project continue to be offered, including our hugely popular (and vitally important) Residential Weekend Courses. We have been hit by some cuts to youth worker staffing hours too, which means we are able to offer less one2one support than before, despite an increasing need.

Kitty says: 'It's time for us to stop scratching around in the queer litter-box of life'

We recognise that OutZone members have put a lot of work in over the last 18 months, filling in countless surveys, questionnaires and evaluation forms, not to mention all the focus groups and consultations, but it seems (despite all the praise the project has received) there are still very few grants available for 'ongoing' and ‘successful’ youth work with young gay men in London.

Kitty says: '8 out of 10 young gay men - who dare to express an opinion - choose OutZone'

Over the last few weeks and months OutZone youth workers, peer mentors and group members have been putting their heads together to come up with a fund raising strategy that will get some cold hard cash into the project and help sort out our very own 'financial crisis'.

Kitty says: 'Support the OutZone Kitty or else the puppy gets it!'

The 'OutZone Kitty Fund raising Committee' is a user led initiative to help secure additional funding for the OutZone Youth Project. OutZone is part of PACE - Promoting LGBT health and well-being - Registered Charity No. 801271 ©2009 OutZone/PACE

How to donate:

  • Online: visit and click on the DONATE NOW banner on the home page. A safe and secure way to make a donation towards our work, no matter how large or small.
  • On eBay: Visit our online shop and bag yourself a bargain: or become a direct seller for us. See eBay for for full details.
  • In Kind: Give us some of your old stuff to sell – Please contact us by email if you’d like to donate some stuff for our online shop. - Any old tat will be considered!


Living Well Life Clubs

-4Living Well

OutZone has teamed up with Living Well Life Clubs to offer all LGBT young people living in London a unique opportunity to participate in a potentially life changing personal development and sexual health course. Any lgbt young person aged 25 and under is welcome to apply.

We've been so impressed with this new programme, here at OutZone Towers, that we're dedicating the whole of April to this new kind of clubbing!

“Living Well Life Clubs is a NEW group workshop series that focuses on different aspects of your life each week, including: social life, money, sex, health, self-esteem, love and romance. The groups are social and thought-provoking. You can learn more about others, but most importantly you can discover what you really want from your life. Walk away each week feeling a little more inspired and seeing a lot more of your potential!”

Health Checks:
Following the conclusion of the workshop series, you will be eligible for a one-on-one health check with a life coach to identify your achievements as well as any existing needs for support, referrals or information.

Where & When:
The Living Well Life Club (for LGBT young people) will be run from OutZone HQ – 34 Hartham Road, London N7 9JL - on Friday evenings between 6.30 and 9.30pm throughout April (with the exception of Friday 10th March which is the Good Friday bank holiday).

£10.00 HMV voucher just for registering (!)


How to get involved:
Regular OutZone members just need to turn up as usual on Friday nights or you can contact me by email on or call 020 7700 1323 if you'd definitely like to reserve a place and register to receive you £10 HMV voucher. Alternatively, you can contact Jacob Laurent (Living Well Health Educator) directly on 020 8746 2274.

You can find out more about Living Well Life Clubs at


We Are Family - Conference

PACE’s ‘We Are Family’ conference is coming up fast! If you have any questions, please click here to email us leaving your preferred contact details for us to respond to. Full details will follow shortly or visit the main PACE website for more information.

Workshops include:

  • Parenting
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Family Therapy - Mental health
  • and well-being
  • Bullying and expolitation - Under 16’s

Monday 30th March 2009.

Registration 9.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

Place: The Resource Centre
356 Holloway Road,
N7 6PA

Fees: Individuals £10.00
Small Organisations* £15.00
Organisations £20.00

* small organisations are those with an annual income of less than £10,000.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with this conference, please contact Jo Beecham on 0207 700 1323.

New Peer Mentoring Course

Our new and improved Peer Mentoring Programme now includes training around sexual health promotion and will be up and running during the early part of 2009. Places on the training course are limited to a maximum of 10 participants (6 boys and 4 girls).

As well as being a fun and positive way of getting more involved in our youth projects; the course will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to help encourage and promote good sexual health amongst your peers and other group members. Existing group members with a local connection to Enfield or Haringey are especially welcome to apply - Email us for further details.

What will the course cover?

The course will run for four sessions and is a mixture of group work exercises, discussions & experiential learning. The main topics are:

• What is Peer Support?
• How do Peer mentors help?
• Differences, values and attitudes
• Communication skills and body language
• Supporting others to access local sexual health services
• Delivering sexual health information

Some of the benefits for peer mentors include:

An opportunity to develop new skills
The chance to make a difference to someone else
An opportunity to contribute to the development of project
Increased responsibility within the group
Travel expenses paid – on production of a receipt
A certificate of completion outlining the new skills you’ve acquired
An end of course celebration meal

This project is funded by Enfield and Haringey Joint HIV Prevention Partnership
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