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Getting in touch is easy!

The vast majority of (new and potential) weekly group members choose to drop us a quick email us at We'll then send you an email telling you all about OutZone, where and when we meet, and we'll also give you the option of popping in for a chat with a member of staff beforehand, if you're feeling a bit nervous about coming along to the weekly group for the first time. You can also find out more via our lively social networking pages and groups on Facebook. You'll need to add us as a 'friend', though! Or, if you prefer, you can telephone us on: 020 7700 1323 (during office hours) and ask to speak to someone from OutZone.

If a member of the youthwork team is unavailable when you telephone, please leave your name and an email address (or a contact number and a time when it's best to call you back), and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We aim to answer all emails within 5 days.


DOWNLOAD our new guide that explains what to expect if you're thinking about using OutZone services or attending our (super cool) weekly group for the first time. Contains: A helpful overview of how OutZone could support you and what's on offer - A handy insight into the 'coming out' process - REAL quotes & comments from some of our curent service users and group members - Information about our confidentiality policy, complaints procedure and other service guidelines. (2.2mb PDF)

"Let's Talk" - One2One at OutZone:

If you are a young man aged 25 or under (living in & around London) who has any concerns, questions or would just like to talk to someone (in confidence*) - contact one of our youth workers at PACE Youth Network. Email Andy at OutZone:

Click here to find out more about FREE, confidential one2one emotional support and information sessions at OutZone.

Scroll down for more detailed information about getting in touch for the first time...

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Coming along to the groups for the first time?
If you've never been to a group for young men who identify mainly as gay or bisexual (or 'unsure'), and would like to meet with a member of staff before coming along for the first time, just let us know when you contact us and we can arrange it. On the other hand, you may just want to email us (or call) to find out where and when we meet - and turn up. It's entirely up to you.

...we DO understand you may be feeling nervous about coming to the group or getting in touch - it’s only natural...

We are happy to answer any other questions you might have about the group and its activities. If after getting in touch you don't think the groups are for you, that's fine too. You can email us (in total confidence) at and we'll send you full details ASAP.

If you contact us by telephone (020 7700 1323 - during office hours), we'll usually ask you for your first name, your age and what part of London you're living in. We'll tell you a bit about our group and weekly events; its members; the type of things we get up to, and we'll give you full details about where and when we meet. If you email us, we’ll can also send you a map with full directions, including tube, train and bus routes.

Not sure what to say or what to expect?
Click here if you’re worried about what to expect when you get in touch or come along to the groups for the very first time.

Social networking on Facebook:
OutZone has it's own lively facebook profile (and groups), where you can find out more about our weekly events and interact with other service users. Once we’ve accepted your ‘friend request’, you’ll be able to email and message us in the usual way. Conditions apply.

For general enquiries and admin contact:

PACE Youth Network
34 Hartham Road
London. N7 9JL

020 7700 1323 - PACE main switchboard
(office hours - 24hr answerphone)

The OutZone Youth Project at PACE is PROUDLY supported by: