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On this page you can download various PACE publications and downloads related to the work of OutZone and PACE Youth Network. More will be added as they become available in electronic format.

You can find more PACE publications on the main PACE website:

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OutZone Publicity Poster 2009 | Featuring OutZone group members Adam and Andre.
A new guide that explains what to expect when you access OutZone emotional support services and/or attend our weekly group for the first time. Contains: A helpful overview of how OutZone could support you | A handy insight into the 'coming out' process | REAL quotes and comments from some of our curent service users and weekly group members | Information about our confidentiality policy, complaints procedure and other service guidelines. (2.2mb PDF)
A round up and look back at OutZone's best bits and achievements during 2008/09. [edited version]
PACE Youth Network publicity poster 2008. Featuring Jen and Andre from our youth groups OutZone & Girl Diva at Islington Town Hall for LGBT History Month.
OutZone Publicity Poster 2007 | Featuring the 'OutZone Posterboyz' | Shot in Regent's Park, Central London.
Guidelines for Best Practice in LGB Youth Work (PACE, 2004) These guidelines aim to provide those who wish to work with young lesbians, bisexuals and gay men with a set of standards that will make for a quality youth service provision. They include several examples of PACE work that can be adapted to suit other projects and were produced with the help and input from various agencies nationally and with workers and young people themselves.
Be Who You Want To Be: Promoting the Emotional Health and Mental Well-being of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young People Accessing PACE Youth Work Services (Tracey Hind, 2004) This report seeks to show how PACE’s youth work service promotes the emotional well-being and mental health of the lesbian, gay and bisexual young people accessing its projects. It focuses on three main topics, in relation to the overarching aim of mental health promotion: how the youth work service has progressed with its remit for work of national significance; groupwork and one-to-one support services for lgb young people and PACE youth service residential weekends and annual events.